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Action Station #2-The Desert
September 6-15, 2007

New Hazlett Theater
Allegheny Square East
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Tickets: Pro Arts Tickets at 412-394-3353
$20, $10 for students and senior citizens (with valid ID).



Action Station #2 -The Desert
Preview laboratory performance
Studio For Creative Inquiry, Residency
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
September 9, 2005

Created by
Grisha Coleman: Composer/ Choreographer
in collaboration with

Michael Bryant: Population Biologist
Jesse Gilbert: Sound Designer
Marco Morante: Costume Designer
Tony Mulanix: Lighting Designer
John Oduroe: Architect
Austin Switser: Video Designer
Onome Ekeh: Writer
Cheng-Chieh Yu: Choreography Consultant
Robert Peagler: Information Architect

Performed by:
Anitra Brooks
Grisha Coleman
Wendell Cooper
Soomi Kim
Kyle Lange
Kat Agres- Cellist

Technical Team:
Stuart Anderson: Engineer
Josh Atlas: Production Assistant
Marisa Boevers: Technical Director
Erin O’Neill: Installation Manager

Preview laboratory performance of echo--system ActionStation #2 - The Desert was presented by the Studio For Creative Inquiry, Marge Myers and made possible through a grant from the Multicultural Arts Initiative, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Carnegie Mellon School of Art
Carnegie Mellon School of Drama
Carnegie Mellon Regina Gouger Miller Gallery
Carnegie Mellon Filmmaking Club
Scotch and Soda

A special thank you to- David Boevers, Megan Robinson, Norman D.Wright, students in the School of Drama-s Design Production Program and many others.

Action Station #2 -The Desert
On The Boards
Seattle, WA
March 3-6, 2005
Reviews at http-//www.artsjournal.com/blogs1/otb/music.shtml


Action Station #2 - The Desert
New World Theater Amherst MA 2004

Julia Metzler: Video Design
Jesse Gilbert: Electro Acoustic Design
Onome Ekeh: Writer
Ada Luz Jiron: Costume Design
Rehearsal Photos: Amanda Ramos

Performered by:
Anitra Brooks
Soomi Kim
Kyle Lange
Pamela Sneed

Action Station #2 - The Desert
Carnegie Mellon University, Studio for Creative Inquiry
October, 2004

Mady Schutzman - Dramaturge
John Oduroe - Architect
Paul Rosenblatt - Architect

Action Station #2 - The Desert
Excerpt presentation with collaborators
The National Performance Network Annual Conference
Los Angeles, CA
Dec. 6, 2004


Action Station #1 - The Abyss
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
The Integrated Media Program,
California Institute of the Arts
May 1, 2003

Grisha Coleman - Composition and Choreography
Jesse Gilbert: Programming
Michael Bryant: Ecological Research
Michael Casselli: Installation Design
Shaun Fillion: Dynamic Sineage
Tony Mulanix/Chris Khul: Lighting Design
Erik Ehn:Text
Nick Fox-Geig/Mondi: Video Life

Performed by:
Andrew Baca
Liam Mooney
Ron Clark
Christina Ayala
Max Eugene
Michael Mandiberg
Masahiko Sunami
Bob Bellerue
Noni Rigmaiden

Cecile Bouchier – Production
Astra Price – Documentation

Special Thanks-
Rachel Harper, Donna Brodie