Conceived by composer/choreographer/performer Grisha Coleman, echo::system is a five-part series of imagined environments, presented as an art installation with live music and dance.

echo::system: Action Section #1 - The Abyss
echo::system: Action Section #2 - The Desert

We co-exist with our future and with our past.
We carry the genes of our history.
We manifest the genetic traits of our history in our present
body [un] conscious.
We cut across different temporalities


Action Station #1 - The Abyss

The Abyss looks at current research done at the ocean's abyssal layer. Elements, qualities and dynamic potentials of the ocean are identified while translating the behavior of the overall system into movement, sound and poetry.

The 40-minute,site-specific piece was performed outdoors to spectators suspended from a bridge overlooking the ravine. The Divers, work with a looping system of pulleys and ropes connected to a potentiometer receiving input sent to a digital model of an abyss. The choreography, is triggered by information received from the model. Traditional Hawaiian chants merge with strains of Jacques Cousteau to emerge as a singular vocal chant alongside the song of the deep-sea worm, the oldest living creature on earth its 'voice' re-composed for a human voice.

Action Station #2 - The Desert

Ever trekked through a desert landscape, dived into sand dunes, listened to the sound of creatures living underground? You will feel just like that when exploring the synthetic desert landscape dancer/choreographer/musician Grisha Coleman and her team of international artists have created.A series of imagined environments viewed both as a multi-media installation and a vocal/dance/electronic music performance, echo::system is a live art installation conceived by composer/choreographer/performer Grisha Coleman.

In a 70-minute journey through space and time, Grisha Coleman's performance installation, echo::system—The Desert, immerses audiences and performers in a fully synthetic environment comprised of audio and visual media, digital movement analysis, robotics and live performance. This setting recreates a desert ecosystem simultaneously made up of a virtual and "real" space, reflecting on how one affects the other.


echo::system: Action Station # 3- The Forest
(soon to come)

echo::system: Action Station # 4- The Prarie
(soon to come)

echo::system: Action Station # 5- The Volcano
(soon to come)


echo::system is a series of multi-platform, site-specific, live performance installations, referred to as 'Action Stations'.

Natural habitats such as the bottom of the ocean floor, an open prairie land, a volcanic island, a desert, provide the information from which the team of collaborators develop physical, virtual and mythological material systems to create alternative environments.

By research and observation of natural and urban habitats, echo::system is an experience of 'constructed' nature that looks at integrated systems and resonant patterns in the landscape to create a surreal parallel world and unearth unexpected experiences for its inhabitants.

A unique collaborative process engages biologists, architects, digital, sound and video designers and performers. This team researches the dynamic behavior and "natural" biorhythms of specific ecosystems to create a physical installation based on real and metaphorical data, a digital model that triggers, connects and governs events in the physical environments.

A mythology about the creation of the environment and its inhabitants builds the story for the work.

In an environment made "live" by the integration of interactive technology, performers and audience move within a full sensory landscape - witnessing the story that unfolds as a way to re-examine contemporary urban life.

By engaging in discourse between diverse disciplines of composition, choreography, architecture, writing, digital code and the visual arts, echo::system questions one perspective to illuminate another, including science and its methods.

echo:: system creates a new awareness for collaborators and audiences alike of the potential relevance of live art, the resonance between art and science and the impact of technology on the American landscape.